hey richmond, i’m a co-founder of hollaback rva, an organization which you may have noticed has little to no presence in richmond. that is because i have no leadership/organization management skills or experience and we have virtually no members! i signed onto hollaback a long time ago because i believe in what it represents, but due to personal and mental health issues i really can’t hold it up anymore. if you and your plucky team of social activists/internet dwellers have any interest in helping to shoulder the responsibility of keeping the various hollaback rva sites active (facebook, tumblr, twitter, and the official wordpress where people can share their street harassment experiences) or in creating a physical presence in the city, PLEASE email rva@ihollaback.org and we’ll gladly give you a rundown of what’s going on!


just girly things: pretending to be on the phone when you walk by a large group of men because there’s a chance they’ll harass you <333

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How 'Stop and Frisk' Is Too Often a Sexual Assault by Cops on Teenagers in Targeted NYC Neighborhoods 

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A catcall is entirely about reminding you that you are not yours. The purity myth is entirely about reminding you that you are not yours. The fetishization of female purity in a world where catcalls are an acceptable form of communication telegraphs one thing very clearly:

“Women, stop sexualizing yourselves—that’s our job, and you’re taking all the fun out of it.”

The sexualization of women is only appealing if it’s nonconsensual. Otherwise it’s “sluttiness,” and sluttiness is agency and agency is threatening.


- Lindy West, “Female ‘Purity’ is Bullshit”  (via quentintortellini)

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trigger warning: street harassment, sexual harassment

CairoScene.com writes:

A shocking video has been released by the UN, putting viewers in the shoes of an average female in Egypt and the sexual harassment she’s faced with around every corner. We say, it’s about time.

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We live in a society that glorifies sexual assault to a degree that when I was a teenager I asked myself whether something was wrong with me for not being groped in the streets. The pride with which my classmates spoke of how apparently every random male hit on them made me wonder whether I was just too ugly to be desired. Something is rotten when harassment becomes the means young girls are taught to determine their self-worth with.

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 Anonymous asked: "I've been very involved in anti-street harassment activism for a while now but have never really been street harassed myself. It seems like every woman I know not only harassed but also get told they're beautiful, etc. in respectful ways. I don't get compliments either and I feel like I'm not harassed or complimented because I'm not seen as attractive by society. It's just something I struggle with and I don't know how to say "I've never been harassed." when it seems like every woman I know has."

street harassment is really a luck-of-the-draw style phenomenon, the levels you’re exposed to depend on where you live and who you’re around. on MULTIPLE occasions i have seen men accidentally cat-call other men out of cars, simply because the men on the street had long hair and were seen from behind (and assumed to be women).
on the flip side, i know that women with short hair are publicly “hit on” less often, because their presentation is considered less feminine and they are therefore perceived as more intimidating.
you have to remember that street harassment is not about trying to make connections with other people, it’s about affirming a power structure and reminding women (or queer people, or fat people, or POCs) that we are below the harasser. that we don’t have a right to space.
it’s really not about compliments! real compliments are much rarer unfortunately. apparently it’s easier for people to yell “nice tits!” at a stranger than to say something kind and well thought out to somebody. anyway, if you’ve never been harassed, i really hope you don’t see this as somehow a failure about yourself because it reeeaallly isn’t. you can just chalk it up to chance.






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✿♥catcalls aren’t compliments♥✿ 
Minnie won’t have you treating her like an object and doesn’t approve of your icky catcalling, so she gives a good old f♥ck you to the patriarchy (✿◠‿◠)


catcalls aren’t compliments✿ 

Minnie won’t have you treating her like an object and doesn’t approve of your icky catcalling, so she gives a good old f♥ck you to the patriarchy (✿◠‿◠)

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